- Isaiah 61
As a guest, Cynthia can discuss:
  • Adoption grief
  • Women’s issues including but not limited to:
  • Toxic or abusive relationships
  • Sexual immorality
  •  Crisis pregnancies
  • Abortion
  • Parenting
  • Healing the grief of losing a child
  • Overcoming the obstacles of life
  • Parenting a Special Needs child
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     Cynthia Christensen, her husband Eric, and her two boys, Kasey and Noah, reside in Longmont, CO.  Cynthia holds a Bachelor's of Ministry degree and is trained as a crisis pregnancy counselor. In addition to writing, she is a full-time mom, wife and hospice volunteer.  Most of Cynthia’s knowledge of pro-life issues has developed from experiences within her own life. Cynthia’s parents divorced before she was 2 and she began being sexually abused at around the age of four by a trusted family friend. This forever altered the course her life would take. As a child, she carried tremendous pain and shame for the indiscretions she suffered due to this betrayal of trust.
     Her scars ran deep, and she felt her value came from being desired. As she got older and searched harder for unconditional love and acceptance, she was willing to give anything in exchange for it. This resulted in her having a total of 5 crisis pregnancies: 2 with her choosing to parent (one of which has special needs), 2 with her choosing abortion, and 1 with her choosing an adoption. Cynthia knows the hearts of women facing crisis pregnancies, and she understands it all to the very core of her being. She understands the cycles of abuse that many women go through in their relationships. She understands broken and hurting women. God has placed a burning passion inside her to help these women rise above their circumstances to become who God created them to be. Her heart’s desire is for women to see themselves as their Father God sees them, not how the world sees them.
     Cynthia’s adoption experience was very open, and her son Joshua’s adoptive family has literally become her extended family. She didn't realize that this was not the “normal” adoption experience until she starting meeting other birth mothers who were years out of their adoptions and still suffering. She found that many birth mothers had felt post-adoption counseling was too painful so they declined it. The women she heard give testimonies were short on value and heavy laden with baggage.  Thus, they were going through their lives trying to cope with the grief and never coming full circle to the healing God meant for them to have. Although there were many stories, all it took was hearing a few for God to sear Restorative Grief into her heart.
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