- Isaiah 61
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       The world has overlooked and/or seriously underestimated the grief a mother incurs when she places her child for adoption, but God holds these women dear to His heart and His desire is for them to know and understand that fact. Adoption agencies across the country offer post-adoption counseling but many women are too heartbroken to continue the counseling once they give birth.
     Cynthia Christensen, author of Restorative Grief, understands that all too well as she also is a birthmother that was too heartbroken to continue counseling. She decided instead to ask Jesus to walk her through it, to be her all-knowing Counselor. While her pain was at some points unbearable, with God, she emerged on the other side of adoption more complete than she had ever been.
     Along the path of healing from her own adoption, and then while working as a crisis pregnancy/birthmother counselor, she met other women walking the same road, but doing it alone. She began to see a pattern in all of these women. Most did not do post-adoption counseling; they would instead turn to destructive yet comfortable old habits, while still drowning in their heartbreak daily, sometimes even years later. Cynthia began to realize that her continued healing was the exception more than the rule.
       Through that realization, God seared the need to write Restorative Grief into her heart. God loves His birth mothers and desires to comfort them on their healing journey. He desires more than anything to reveal His intense love for these women by not only healing their pain, but restoring the broken pieces of their lives. Restorative Grief was written with just such a goal in mind; not only to stop the constant pain, but for each woman reading it to gain a new identity that is rooted in Christ.
"Have you ever been in a place where it seemed as if the pain you were suffering might overwhelm you? If, in that place you were able to walk side by side with someone who had been there and who really understood, the journey would be so much easier. In her book, 'Restorative Grief' Cynthia offers her companionship and wisdom and offers to share your load."
-Sheila Walsh, Women of Faith speaker, author of Let Go!
“After reading the first four chapters of Cynthia’s book I was anxious to be able to offer this to the clients that we see here at Life Choices every day. Not only is this a wonderful resource for those who have relinquished a child, but especially for those who are considering looking at the possibility of choosing another parenting option.  Cynthia offers an insightful firsthand look at Adoption. The heartfelt, up close look at the emotions, restoration and love the Father has for us in any situation is refreshing as she walks you through each phase of  making a decision for life, and the process she herself has walked in choosing parents for her child.  This will certainly be a wonderful resource for those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy or those choosing to gift their child to others.  Each chapter continued to enforce the fact that I wanted this in the hands of every woman coming into our Pregnancy Center and those who have chosen adoption.”
 -Connie Weiskopf
Center Director, Life Choices Pregnancy Center
“I have been doing Relinquishment Counseling with birthmothers for the last 25 years and I had the privilege and honor of meeting Cynthia during her pregnancy and adoption journey. After reading Cynthia's book, I stand in awe of the work that the Lord has done in her and through her. I strongly recommend that any birthmother, birthfather, family member or friend read this book and seek the Lord's will for their lives. The journey in grief, the journey in pain and disappointments humble us before God, but with time we are hopefully able to say, "Not my will be done, Father, but Your will be done in me." 
-Pam Fincher
Christian Family Services of Colorado, Inc.


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